Everything to Know About Sharks

All there is to know about the kings of our deep blue sea waters

Sharks are the most interesting and mysterious creatures known to mind. They were on this earth longer than us humans were and have been ruling the ocean ever since. These creatures are the king of the ocean and will dominate whoever stands in front of them. These sharks are the ancestors of our dinosaurs. But instead being massively large on the ground, they are massively large and dangerous in the water.

Sharks are the most mysterious creatures yet so popular. Out there in the Sci-fi world, there have been many sharks that have been made into a movie. But these movies make these sharks seem like a killer. I think the most popular shark death movie would be Steven Speilber's Jaws series. Other known shark movies would include, Sharknado series, The Shallows, Shark vs., Bait, 47 Meters Down, and more! But not only there is shark about movies, there are also movies with sharks in them. Such as Finding Nemo and SharkTale