The History About Sharks

The history of sharks go way back into the Dinosaur Era. More than 415 million years ago, the sharks were already roaming our deep sea waters. But even though they were alive back then, they did not look like the ones we see tody. Back then, these sharks were the dinosaurs of water. They were some were larger than a full length school bus. One shark in paticular roamed the waters and was the biggest of the big. This prehistoric shark was named, Megalodon. This shark stretched at 60 ft long; 15 feet longer than the longest school bus. Megalodon weighed over 70 tons or 10 times of a single full grown male elephant. This creatured didn't like to prey on the animals normal sharks eat today. Megalodons like to prey on whales and giant squid. Some sources today say that at leats 3 megalodons still roam our waters today. Although this is a theory, there s not proof and or actually evidence that megalodon still exists'even though, 80% of our ocean has yet to be discovered.

The first sharks looked nothing like the modern ones today but yet still can defined as a shark. These sharks had a description of rough and jagged skin/scales, more of a pointy mouth with lots of teeth still, and other abnormal body parts. Some of these prehistoric sharks include:

  • Helicoprion
  • Stethacanthus
  • Xenacanthus
  • Edestus
  • Megalodon
  • Hybodus
  • Cretoxyrhina
  • Sarcoprion
  • Cladoselache
  • Orthacanthus
  • Scapanorhynchus